We would like to introduce and congratulate the residents for the 2016 Pienkow Artist Residency. The nearly 160 applicants made choosing the final group exceedingly difficult. A special congratulations to the residents for 2016: Mikołaj Kowalski, Anna Innokenteva, Pablo Diaz, Zane Tuča, Paweł Jaskuła, Piotr Starościc, Sylwia Zdzichowska, Urszula Kulczyk, Verena Jakuš, Anna Paulina Matysiuk, Marcelina Gron and Alice Kemp.

We would like to congratulate all participants and supporters who made the Pieńków Art Residency of 2016 a success. We would especially like to congratulate the winner of of the closing competition, Mikołaj Kowalski, from Lublin, Poland. We look forward to seeing Mikołaj and all our residents continue to develop, explore and create new and exciting artwork in the near future!