For Outstanding Achievements in Polish Natural Sciences given in cooperation with the University of Warsaw Institute of Natural Physics.

The Prize has national outreach and is awarded annually by the University of Warsaw Institute of Natural Physics and funded by the Marek Maria Pienkowski Foundation for outstanding scientific achievements which contributed to the development of the Polish research community in experimental physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology and medicine.


Capitula members:

prof. dr hab. Andrzej Górski
Corresponding Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences

prof. Paweł Kulesza
Dean of Chemistry

dr Tomasz Matulewicz
Director of Institute of Experimental Physics

 prof. Joanna Pijanowska
Dean of Biology

prof. Teresa Rząca-Urban
Dean of Physics

prof. Andrzej Udalski
Director of Astronomical Observatory

prof. Andrzej K. Wróblewski