Purpose of the Project:

– Promotion of Lubelski Region in Poland (Ziemia Lubelska) and creation of artist-friendly environment
– Development of an effective interaction between high school students from Lubelski Region, who are strongly interested in visual arts, with the Artist – Master;
– Bringing up the purpose of involvement in art promotion into overall awareness and underlining its integral part in cultural development Lubelski Region;
– Promoting an understanding of the value of art in self-development;
– Getting familiar with and gaining understanding about Master’s Workshop.

 This Project will consist of following activities:

1. Seminar for high school educators in Lubelski Region:
– Active involvement of the educators in the process of implementation of the Project (with the emphasis on art-oriented high schools);
– Engagement of educators in following artistic development of outstanding students (predicted involvement of about 30 humanist-science educators);
2. Art studio visits and workshops in Pieńków Gallery for about 100 students in groups of 7-10 at the time. Students will be selected from schools in Lubelski Region, including cities such as Lublin, Zamość, Kazimierz Dolny, and Chełm.

Necessary help will be provided for those students in their search for artistic self-realization.

The Project details – September- October 2012:

For the first edition of this Project, we invited a prominent polish artist, who currently resides in New York City, USA – Professor Janusz Kapusta. To find out more about our Master and his biography, please visit http://www.k-dron.com/man.html.

I. September 12, 2012 – arrival of Prof. Janusz Kapusta in Pieńków and initiation of his artistic work. Predicted time of his visit is about 6 weeks.

II. September 14, 2012 – 3:00PM to 5:00PM local time – Seminar “Innovative ways of teaching art in high schools”.
– Introduction and foreword – Dr. Marek Maria Pieńkowski;
– Seminar “K-dron Discovery” – Prof. Janusz Kapusta;
– Seminar about the influence of Artist-Master on development of the sense of value of the art and its influence on promotion and development Lubelski Region – invited Art Critic;
– Presentation – Pieńków Gallery as an example of art collection created by modern young artists and its role in promotion of Lubelski Region – Jagoda Baczyńska, Honorary Curator;
– Open discussion with involvement of invited educators and guests.
– 6:00PM local time – banquet-dinner in Pieńków Gallery.

III. September 18, 2012 – October 4, 2012 (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays) – visits ofstudents in the art studio.
Plan of each group visit consist of arrival at about 10:00AM, lunch at 1:00PM and departure at around 2:00PM-3:00PM local time. Means of transportation from school and back to school will be provided via mini-bus.

Students participating in the visit will be asked to write a short essay or design a creativedocumentation on following topic: “Influence of meeting with Prof. Janusz Kapusta on my understanding of value of the art”.
All essays will be graded by the jury consisting of: Prof. Kapusta, invited Art Critic, Curator of the exhibit, and director of Board of Education in Lubelski Region – Krzysztof Babiasz.
The best essay/ creative documentation will be awarded by presenting to the school one of the art pieces form Prof. Kapusta and the student-winner will receive a diploma and book publication about K-dron.

Every student will receive a participation diploma.

IV. September 20, 2012 – at 5:00PM local time beginning of the visit of artists and art critics:
– Presentation – Pieńków Gallery and its role in promotion of Lubelski Region – Jagoda Baczyńska;
– Open discussion about development of art science in Lubelski Region;
– Banquet for quests.

V. October 19, 2012 – events:
– 5:00PM local time – opening ceremony of the Artist-Master exhibit in Pieńków Gallery;
– 6:00PM local time – handout of awards for the student and school (best essay/ creative documentation);
– 7:00PM local time – banquet for students, educators and quests.