The 2018 edition of the Pieńków Art Residency featured ten special, talented and hard-working artists: Anna Kolacka, Martyna Borowiecka, Edyta Hul, Patrícia Kaliczka, Fábián Emőke, Gionna Cuccolo, Michał Wirtel, François Patoue, Krzysztof Mętel and Samuel Najda. We would like to congratulate Krzysztof on the distinction of winning the final competition for PAR 2018. We would also like to thank the jury – Tomasz Zawadzki, Bartek Bałut, Jagoda Barczyńska, Tomasz Kalitko and Krzysztof Fabijański – for their diligence and judgment.

PAR 2018 will take place between June 23rd and July 7th, 2018, at the Pieńków Residence in countryside near Chełm, Poland. We invite all our friends and followers to attend the closing ceremony on Saturday July 7th, 2018, at 5:00 pm.

Thank you and congratulations again to our residents for 2018.