Julita Malinowska


Born in Otwock in 1979. Studied in the Art Department of the Maria Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin from 1999-2000, and then from 2000-2005 in the painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Received a Sokrates/Erasmus scholarship in 2003 for Wolverhampton University in the UK. Graduated from the Art Department in 2005 with distinction, from the studio of Prof. Andrzej Bednarczyk.

Feb – Mar 2008 Artist in Residence, Tammisaari, Finland
Jun 2006 City of Cracow Creative Scholarship
Mar 2005 Second Prize at The Samsung Art Master Paintings Contest “The True Colours”

Art Fairs:
Feb 2008 20/21 International Art Fair, Royal College of Art, London, Great Britain
Oct 2007 Affordable Art Fair London, Great Britain
Jun 2007 Affordable Art Fair New York, United States
Sep / Oct 2005 Preview Berlin – The Emerging Art Fair, Germany
Aug 2005 Art Expo, Seoul, Korea
Jun 2005 VII National Antique and Contemporary Art Fair, Bunkier Sztuki, Cracow

Individual exhibitions:
Mar 2008 “Paintings”, Salon Sztuki 49, Warsaw, Poland
Mar 2008 “Paintings”, Tammisaari, Finland
Apr 2008 “Paintings & Drawings”, Atrybut Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
Mar 2008 “Paintings”, Salon Sztuki 29, Warsaw, Poland
Mar 2008 “Paintings & Drawings”, Ekenas, Finland
Sep 2006 “Paintings”, BWA, Sieradz, Poland
Aug 2006 “Paintings”, Nowa Gallery, Poznan, Poland
Jun 2006 “Paintings”, Gallery of Katarzyna Napiorkowska, Warsaw, Poland
May 2005 “Paintings”, PWST, Krakow, Poland
Aug 2005 “Paintings”, Mlynek, Krakow, Poland
Jul 2002 “Landscapes”, MDK, Jozefow, Poland
Apr 2000 “Drawings”, “Chatka Zaka”, Lublin, Poland

Group exhibitions:
Dec 2007 “Available Art”, Freiraum/quartier21, Museumsquartier Wien, Austria
Dec 2007 “Engel, Engel…”, Kulturzentrum im Krakauer Haus, Norymberga, Germany
Dec 2007 I International Biennal of Painting “QUADRO- ART 2007″, The Historical Museum of the City of Lodz (The Poznanski Palace), Poland
Nov – Dec 2007 “Triennale of Polish Paniting”, The Gallery of Art in Czestochowa, Poland
Oct 2007 “Biennale of Polish Painting”, BWA Gallery, Rzeszow, Poland
Sep 2007 “Painting from Poland”, Ashia Daimaru and Suma Daimaru, Japan
Feb – Mar 2007 “Angels”, Domoteka, Warsaw, Poland
Feb/ Mar 2007 “Pienkow 2006″, Ukrsotsbank, Lviv, Ukraine
Dec 2006 Nominated to Award of Franciszka Eibisch Fundation, Gallery of Katarzyna Napiorkowska, Warsaw, Poland
Dec 2006 Members of 5. International Art Workshops in Pieńków, ASP Gallery, Cracow, Poland
Nov 2006 – Jan 2007 “Angels”, Marienlyst Slot Museum, Helsingor, Denmark
Oct – Nov 2006 16. National Paintings Preview “Promocje”, Art Gallery, Legnica, Poland
Jun 2006 “Royal PL”, the british and polish exhibition, the castle of Wisnicz, Poland
Apr – Jun 2006 “Kunstakademie Krakau”, Kunststation Kleinsassen, Germany
Sep / Oct 2005 Preview Berlin – The Emerging Art Fair, Germany
XI-Dec 2005 37. Paintings Biennal “Bielska Jesien”, Bielska Gallery BWA, Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Oct 2005 (re)presentation of the young art from Krakow, Lelien, Quebek, Kanada
Oct 2005 V Supermarket Sztuki/ I European Biennal of The Young Art, The Klima Bocheńska Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Sep 2005 “The young members of ZPAP”, Pryzmat Gallery, Cracow, Poland
Aug 2005 Art Expo, Seul, Korea
Jul 2005 “Available Art”, The Camelot Gallery, Cracow, Poland
Jun 2005 The Contemporary Art Fairs, Bunkier Sztuki, Cracow, Poland
May 2005 “Samsung Art Master”, Stara Pomaranczarnia, Lazienki Krolewskie, Warsaw, Poland
May 2005 “Integralia Cracow -Warsaw”, Pryzmat Gallery, Cracow, Poland
Apr 2005 “Pawilon Spokojnej Formy”, Centrala, Lublin, Poland
Apr – May 2005 “Bez problemu” (No problem), Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow, Poland
Nov – Dec 2004 “Lviv”, the polish and ukrainian workshops and exhibition, The Polish Year in Ukraine, Lviv, Ukraine
May 2004 “Marzenia i konflikty” (The Dreams and The Conflicts), The Factory of Schindler, Cracow, Poland
May 2000 The Graphic Art Exhibition, The Studio Gallery, Lublin, Poland


Traces of memory and dreams

The traces of reality frozen in a film frame recall past situations as do postcards from travels to exotic countries, they refresh memories, emotions, try to live anew. All for nothing…
It is with such passion that Julita Malinowska records reality, she draws it on paper and paints it on canvas. The artist possesses an almost unique perception in detecting peoples’ gestures and details of the world which surrounds us.
Intimate stolen glimpses of everyday phenomena, are committed to memory, captured on film or photographed and worked on in Julita’s studio, processed and selected.
After many trials and tests, chosen from an innumerable flow of moments, the selected frame is allowed its “five minutes of fame”. The format of the canvases is usually huge; and the size of the figures which appear on them varies, though they are often larger than normal. The colours also increase in intensity, trying to seize our emotions.
A group of children is playing on the beach near a blue dinghy. Turquoise, crystal-clear water, a light so intense that at times their bodies become almost black, glass-like, almost a darkened photograph. Or perhaps a memory?
Or perhaps a memory?
Yes, a memory… Has not the recording/strengthening of memory been connected with the mot interesting phenomena in art? During the “epoch” of the last few years, when we search for inspiration in the internet, methods of “making works of art”, when photographs are transferred onto the canvas via a projector, attempts to record memory are rare. The creation of a positive illusion is a far more meaningful response to reality than the socially-politically important comics which can be found everywhere today.
It is difficult to view Julita’s painting away from the so-called figurative trend in painting which has become modern in the last few years.
But whether figurative or not, in both approaches, the importance of this art and its quality depend on the same… It is a challenge, which Julita faces head-on and is well aware of.
The situations frozen on canvas invite us to look at them in the present, the handling of the paint, the precision but also the sensuality hidden in the synthetic forms and in the spontaneity of painterly gestures. Notes, preserved on the canvas, through which we can break away from anecdote by observing the relationship between tones, between areas of matt white and blue and the glistening blackening parts of the painting.
Sometimes these are areas of the bodies in shadow, sometimes they are palm leaves from an exotic country in shadow or the rhythms of the ripples left on the water by a woman swimming past who is merely but also more than, a trace of painterly intuition.
The painting of Julita Malinowska reaches a wide audience and touches their sensitivity. As with every true creative endeavor the key issue is the attempt to make something personal universal.

Translated by Joanna Haracz-Lewandowska

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